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Influenza - International Organisations

The World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued a whole range of materials on Influenza. The frame below intends to give links to some of the latest available documents.

Global Influenza Programme Avian Influenza portal
Pandemic Influenza FAQ Avian Influenza FAQ
Global Influenza Preparedness Plan Fact sheet on Avian Influenza
Pandemic influenza preparedness and response by WHO Assessing the pandemic threat Report January 2005
Checklist for Influenza preparedness planning Avian Influenza and Human Health, Report April 2004
Guidelines for use on vaccines during a pandemic
Consultation on public health interventions

International Organisations

FAQ Avian Influenza OIE - World Organisation for Animal Health webpage on Avian Influenza

FAQ Avian Influenza FAO - Food and Agriculture Organisation webpage on Avian Influenza

European Commission

European Commission webpage on Influenza European Commission webpage on Avian Influenza
Paper on Community Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Proposal for new Directive on Avian Influenza
Document for a Public Private Parnership on vaccines Current Avian Flu Directive (92/40/EEC)

European Agencies and Networks

FAQ Avian Influenza ECDC - European Centre for Disease prevention and Control

FAQ Avian Influenza EISS - European Influenza Surveillance is a EU funded project aimed at Influenza surveillance and early-warning in 22 European countries.

FAQ Avian Influenza Eurosurveillance is a EU funded project and is dedicated to the surveillance, prevention and control of infectious and communicable disease.

FAQ Avian Influenza VIRGIL - European surveillance network for vigilance against viral resistance (EU funded project)

FAQ Avian Influenza IFAH - The International Federation of Animal Health represents manufacturers of veterinary medicines, vaccines and other animal health products in both developed and developing countries across five continents. An article written by EPHA on pandemic flu planning in Europe can be downloaded here. It was published in a special book ’Know risk - epidemic’ launched at the World Health Assembly in May 2005.

Other useful links

FAQ Avian Influenza CDC - United States Centre of Disease prevention and Control special portal on Influenza.

FAQ Avian Influenza CIDRAP - Center for infectious disease research and policy - University of Minesota, one of the most informative website on Influenza

FAQ Avian Influenza Several countries have published their national preparedness plans. The list can be found on the WHO website.

FAQ Avian Influenza A survey was undertaken in Autumn 2004 to assess preparedness in the European region. The WHO and the European Commission plan to repeat it one year later. The results are public on the Eurosurveillance website

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