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Vira 38 Vira 38

Highly effective flu medication.

Effective without the side effects.

Shown to inhibit and prevent infection of Bird Flu Virus (H5N1) and Type A human influenza virus in vitro.

Human clinical research shows Vira 38 reduces the duration of influenza illness by 78%.

Developed in the USA and Hong Kong with:

The University of Southern California, School of Medicine - USA
The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Department of Virology and Infectious Disease Unit
The Prince of Wales Hospital - Hong Kong
Lees Pharmaceuticals - Hong Kong

In response to the World Health Organisations request to the Pharmaceutical industry at large, we have agreed to supply Vira 38 to Hospitals and other high risk groups in bird flu afflicted areas free of charge. To see if you qualify, please contact us at info@prbpharmaceuticals.com.

Broad Spectrum Anti-viral Medication

Mechanism of Action
Vira 38 contains compounds with a broad spectrum anti-viral, cytokine regulating, and immune system enhancing effects. The anti-viral components are designed to disrupt the influenza viral life cycle at different stages -binding, uncoating, replication and release. One of the anti-viral components is v38 AMF-1 which has been shown to inhibit infections from Type A influenza, SARS virus, Avian influenza virus, Staphylococcus aureus, and Streptococcus pneumoniae (the two bacteria primarily responsible for secondary infections seen in influenza). The cytokine modulating components are designed to normalise dysregulated cytokine networks so the cytokines can responds quickly and appropriately to viral assaults. The immune system activating components are designed to raise the level and optimise the activity of the immune system.

Adults: One tablespoon (15ml) daily.
Children: ' tablespoon (7.5ml) daily.

Adults: One tablespoon (15ml) three times per day.
Children under 12: ' tablespoon (7.5ml) three times per day.

Shake well before use. Use the measuring cup provided for correct dosage. It is recommended to finish the entire bottle in order to complete the course of treatment.


The following are recommended measures to help you avoid illness:

Before You Leave

Educate yourself and others who may be travelling with you about avian influenza A (H5N1).

Be sure you are up to date with all your shots, and see your doctor or healthcare provider at least 4 to 6 weeks before travel to get any additional shots or information you may need.

Assemble a travel health kit containing basic first aid and medical supplies. Be sure to include a thermometer and alcohol-based hand rub for hand hygiene.

Before you travel, find a doctor in Vietnam or the country you are visiting in case you get sick.

Check your health insurance plan or get additional insurance that covers medical evacuation in case you become sick and need to return home. You should not travel on a regular commercial airline if you are sick.

During Travel

Avoid places such as poultry farms and bird markets where live poultry are raised or kept, and avoid contact with sick or dead poultry.

If preparing food:

Separate raw meat from cooked or ready-to-eat foods.

Do not use the same chopping board or the same knife for preparing raw meat and cooked or ready-to-eat foods.

Do not handle either raw or cooked foods without washing your hands in between.

Do not place cooked meat back on the same plate or surface it was on before it was cooked.

Cook thoroughly all foods from poultry, including eggs. Egg yolks should not be runny or liquid.

The cooking temperature for poultry meat should reach 70C (158F). Influenza viruses are destroyed by heat.

Wash egg shells in soapy water before handling and cooking, and wash your hands afterwards.

Do not use raw or soft-boiled eggs in foods that will not be cooked.

After handling raw poultry or eggs, wash your hands and all surfaces and utensils thoroughly with soap and water.

Do not consume uncooked poultry or poultry products, including food with uncooked poultry blood.

As with other infectious illnesses, one of the most important preventive practices is careful and frequent handwashing. Cleaning your hands often, using either soap and water or waterless alcohol-based hand rubs, removes potentially infectious materials from your skin and helps prevent disease transmission.

If you become sick with symptoms such as a fever, difficulty breathing, cough, or any illness that requires prompt medical attention, a U.S. consular officer can assist you in locating medical services and informing your family or friends.

It is advisable that you do not travel until you are free of symptoms.

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