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General references

All the Virology on the WWW-Frequently asked questions.
The website provides general information about viruses in a question and answer type format.

CDC. Accessed 2004, July 2. Basic Information about avian influenza (bird flu).
The fact sheet provides basic information about the avian influenza including recent outbreaks in humans, symptoms, and an historical overview of the influenza virus.

Intentional Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTVdB). 2002.
The website provides taxonomy information on different species and has links to other useful sources.

NIAID. 2004. Background: what we know about the flu.
The report provides latest updates on the avian influenza virus and includes information on ecology, life cycle, and reproduction.

Virology AI.
The website provides useful information on viruses, such as ecology, life cycle, reproduction, and different types of viruses.

Management information

APHIS. Avian influenza. June 2002.
The website provides information regarding the threat of the virus, clinical signs, introduction and spread of AI virus, and biosecurity measures.

Butcher, J., Mather, F., Miles, R. Avian influenza in poultry. University of Florida IFAS Extension.
The website provides useful information about avian influenza which includes the history, clinical signs, post-mortem lesions, serotypes, transmission, treatment and prevention.

Clauer, P. Avian Disease Fact Sheet. 2004. Virginia Co-operative Extension.
The website provides information on avian diseases and diagnosis, clinical signs, prevention, and treatment of such diseases.

Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries. Avian influenza.
The website provides useful information about avian influenza which includes differential diagnosis, distribution, and control measures.

Office International des Epizooties World Organisation for Animal Health, 2004.FAO/OIE/WHO Technical consultation on the control of avian influenza.
The website provides information on controlling the virus and prevention measures.

Tracey, P.J.,Woods, R., Roshier, D., West, P., Saunders, G. The role of wild birds in the transmission of avian influenza for Australia: an ecological perspective. Emu, 2004, 104, 109-124
A review of the movements of birds in Australasia, the occurrence of AI in wild birds and the implications for managing AI outbreaks in Oceania

UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAQ). Animal health special report avian influenza.
The report presents information on what is being done to control and prevent the spread of avian influenza in Southeast Asia. A veterinary network is already in the works, which goal is to provide better diagnosis of the disease and examine epidemiological data. Being able to Exchange information is critical for managing outbreaks.

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